About Our Business
Wing-Air was established in 1988. As a young man, in 1976 Kevin Winger received his pilot's
license.  In 1982 he started flying commercially as an ag-pilot for Valley Air Service.  In 1988 he
purchased Valley Air Service, and deriving his business name from his last name, Wing-Air
was born.
The business and airstrip is located between Waitsburg, and Dayton, Washington  on Highway
12, in a small community called Huntsville. As the business grew, Kevin picked up two more
airstrips.  One located near Clyde, Washington,  and the other near Tekoa, Washington.

In the year 2003  we had the misfortune of a wildfire called the Coppei Fire.  The Washington
Department of Natural Resources enlisted Wing-Air's help during this emergency. Kevin rented
the airport facilities and his water trucks that were used locally at his airport to provide water for
dust-abatement and to provide water for the helicopters to use to fight the fire.

Two years later, 2005, Kevin's help was enlisted again, but this time to battle what became
known as the School Fire.  Kevin provided the same services, but this time to the U.S. Forest

In 2006, we had another fire locally known as the Columbia County Complex Fire.
Once again Kevin was called on for his services, both by the Department of Natural Resources,
and later by the U. S.  Forest Service when they took the command of the fire from the
Department of Natural Resources.  Part way through this fire, the heliport command center was
moved to another location.  Kevin provided hauling the water to the new location for the

The water trucks at that time were getting quite old, and were not real reliable since they
previously seldom left the airport.  This prompted Kevin to invest in newer trucks.  Since this
time Kevin (with newer more reliable trucks) has helped in the year 2007 with four more fires in
Nevada, Idaho, and Montana.

In the Columbia County Complex Fire, Kevin also received the contract to reseed the land that
was burned. Kevin was right at home seeding this land, because of his many years of seeding
as a crop-duster.

Kevin is now looking forward to continued service in future wildfire fighting and reseeding
About Us
Kevin Winger,  owner and
sole proprietor of Wing-Air
Wing-Air main office building
Air Tractor 502-A on  main loading dock at
Huntsville facilities
As I said, Kevin is sole owner and proprietor, but
if you want to meet the real boss, here she is.

Meet Gloria Winger.  Kevin's mom and greatest
Kevin Winger